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#ifndef NUMAIF_H
#define NUMAIF_H 1

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" { 

/* Kernel interface for NUMA API */

/* System calls */
extern long get_mempolicy(int *policy, 
                    const unsigned long *nmask, unsigned long maxnode,
                    void *addr, int flags);
extern long mbind(void *start, unsigned long len, int mode, 
              const unsigned long *nmask, unsigned long maxnode, unsigned flags);
extern long set_mempolicy(int mode, const unsigned long *nmask, 
                    unsigned long maxnode);
extern long migratepages(int pid, unsigned long maxnode, unsigned long *fromnode,
                  unsigned long *tonode);

/* Policies */
#define MPOL_DEFAULT     0
#define MPOL_PREFERRED    1
#define MPOL_BIND        2


/* Flags for get_mem_policy */
#define MPOL_F_NODE    (1<<0)   /* return next il node or node of address */
                        /* Warning: MPOL_F_NODE is unsupported and 
                           subject to change. Don't use. */
#define MPOL_F_ADDR     (1<<1)  /* look up vma using address */

/* Flags for mbind */
#define MPOL_MF_STRICT  (1<<0)  /* Verify existing pages in the mapping */
#define MPOL_MF_MOVE    (1<<1)  /* Move pages owned by this process to conform to mapping */
#define MPOL_MF_MOVE_ALL (1<<2) /* Move every page to conform to mapping */

#ifdef __cplusplus


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